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Question ID: AIS.010_00.060

Instrument Variable Name: AIMSPCAN
Question Text:
Earlier you said you had {fill1: type of cancer from CANKIND_1, CANKIND_2, CANKIND_3, CANKIND_4 cancer}. Did a doctor or other health professional EVER tell you that your immune system is weakened because of {fill2: this cancer/these cancers}?
*Read if necessary: Please only respond yes if a doctor or health care professional told you the cancer weakens the immune system, even if you are not now having treatments or taking prescription medicines that weaken the immune system.
1 Yes
2 No
7 Refused
9 Don't know
UniverseText: Sample adults 18+ who have ever been told by a doctor/other health professional that they had a weakened immune system and have one or more kinds of cancer
(1,2,R,D) [goto AIMSPCLD]