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Person's earnings top-coded imputation flag 2

Codes and Frequencies

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IMPEARNTOPFLAG2 is a generated variable that indicates whether the value in the variable EARNIMPOINT2, a point estimate for earnings income, was top-coded (IPUMS NHIS code 2) or not (IPUMS NHIS code 1).

The complementary variable EARNIMPOINT2 was created as part of a set of variables that provide complete (i.e., without missing values) data on family income; the accompanying flag variables allow researchers to identify in which cases imputation was used. For more details on the purpose and methodology of imputation used in the NHIS, see EMPSTATIMP1.

Before using the imputed income and earnings variables, researchers are strongly advised to read the National Center for Health Statistics documentation on imputed income, such as 2018 Imputed Family/Personal Earnings Files and "Multiple Imputation of Family Income and Personal Earnings in the National Health Interview Survey: Methods and Examples".


The top-code for EARNIMPOINT2 changes over time; otherwise, IMPEARNTOPFLAG2 is comparable over time.


  • 2009-2018: Persons age 18+ worked for pay last year, or whose employment status is imputed as employed for pay.


  • 2009-2018