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Time since hysterectomy: Rough time estimate

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For sample female adults aged 18 and older who have had a hysterectomy and for whom the exact date of the hysterectomy is unknown, HYSTEST reports a rough time estimate of how long it has been since the respondent had the hysterectomy.

HYSTEST was first introduced in 2000.


This variable is comparable for 2005-forward.

In 2000, women were only asked this question if the date of the hysterectomy was unknown. Starting in 2005, women were also asked this question if they selected "years" for the time period format in HYSTTP. To make comparisons for 2000-forward, researchers should drop cases where HYSTTP==4. For more information, refer to the Universe tab.


  • 2000: Female sample adults age 18+ who had a hysterectomy and the date of hysterectomy or time since hysterectomy is unknown.
  • 2005; 2010; 2015: Female sample adults 18+ who have had a hysterectomy and REF/DK date of hysterectomy or selected years ago for the time period format


  • 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015