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Hears only few words (with hearing aid)

Codes and Frequencies

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For all sample persons over age 55, this variable indicates if the respondent could hear "only a few words people say or loud noises" with a hearing aid. Interviewers first asked the respondent, and probed if necessary, to determine if the respondent wore a hearing aid. For respondents who indicated they used or ever used, a hearing aid, the interviewer included the phrase, "with your hearing aid" when asking the question for HRFEWORDS.


The Field Representative's Manual did not provide examples or definition of "only a few words" and instructed interviewers not try to define the answer categories (yes or no).

Related Variables

Other variables related to hearing are available inthe 1984 survey.


These include:

"amount of trouble hearing" (HRPROBAMT), and (HRMOSTSAID), whether the respondent hears most of the things people say (with a hearing aid).


This variable is only available for 1984.


  • 1984: Sample persons age 55+ who do not say that they can hear MOST of the things people say.


  • 1984