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Question ID: ACN.410_00.110

Instrument Variable Name: HRAIDNOT
Question Text:
Why have you decided not to use a hearing aid(s)?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
01 It didn't help
02 Didn't like the way it sounded
03 Whistling sounds
04 It was uncomfortable
05 It had frequent breakdowns/Needed repairs
06 Didn't like the way it looked
07 It cost too much
08 Don't think I need a hearing aid
09 Other
97 Refused
99 Don't know
Universe Text: Sample adults 18+ who said they currently use a hearing aid but have not used one in the past 12 months, or who have ever used a hearing aid, but not currently, or who have had a hearing aid recommended
Skip Instructions:
(1-9,R,D) if AHEARST1=1 or (AHEARST1=2,R,D and HRWORS=2,R,D) [goto HRTIN];
else [goto HRALDS]