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Had HPV test with Pap test

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For female sample adults who have ever had a Pap test, HPVPAP reports whether they had an HPV test with the most recent Pap test. Respondents were told in the interview that an HPV test is sometimes given with the Pap test for cervical cancer screening.


The 2018 Field Representative's Manual notes that HPV (human papillomavirus) is "a member of a family of viruses that can cause abnormal tissue growth (for example, genital warts) and other changes to cells. Infection with certain types of HPV increases the risk of developing cervical cancer. [Questions covering HPV on the NHIS interview] are designed to capture information on knowledge about the virus and to monitor usage of the HPV test in combination with Pap tests for cervical cancer screening."


There are no comparability issues.


  • 2015; 2018: Female sample adults who have ever had a Pap test.


  • 2015, 2018