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Calendar month of last HPV shot

Codes and Frequencies

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For female sample adults age 18 to 64 who have received a human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine or shot, HPVACLDMO reports the month the woman received her last HPV shot. HPVACLDMO should be used in conjunction with HPVACLDYR, which reports the corresponding year stated by the respondent.

Women who did not know the month or year are not-in-universe for HPVACLDMO, but could have responses coded in the "time period" format, which reports the time in number (HPVACLNO) and units of days, weeks months or years (HPVACLTP).

This variable was first introduced in the 2010 Cancer Control Supplement.

Related variables

Questions about the HPV vaccine were also asked in 2008, with the interviewer introducing HPV-related questions by asking about awareness of the HPV virus (HPVHEAR).

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There are no comparability issues.


  • 2010: Female sample adults age 18-64 who have received an HPV shot/vaccine.


  • 2010