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Name of health insurance plan 2

Codes and Frequencies

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For persons with at least two private insurance plans, HITYPEN2HMO is a recoded variable that reports whether the second plan was a health maintenance organization (HMO), non-HMO, or some other type of plan. Respondents reported the plan name, and the NCHS recoded the plan into these categories based on plan name.

In 2011, construction of HITYPEN2HMO (and HITYPEN1HMO) was discontinued. These variables are no longer on the public use file or available through the NCHS Research Data Centers (RDCs).

Related variables

Users should also see HITYPEN1HMO, which reports the plan type for the person's first private insurance plan.

Users may also want to see HIP2TYPE (available 1997 forward) which reports the respondents answer to a question on the type of plan (HMO an IPA (Individual Practice Association), a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), a POS (Point-Of-Service), fee-for-service, or some other kind of plan.

For 1980-1996, users may want to see the description for HI2TYPE.

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There are no comparability issues.
Users should exercise caution when comparing variables for pre-1997 to 1997 forward. To improve accuracy of the data, the NCHS began editing responses to the type of insurance coverage respondents had, based on plan name. Users are strongly encouraged to review the user note Insurance Data Collection.


  • 2008-2010: All persons with private health insurance


  • 2008-2010