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Plan3: Special service doctor needs referral

Codes and Frequencies

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For persons with at least three private health insurance plans, HIP3MDSP indicates whether, for the third plan, the person (or persons in the family covered by the plan) needed referral or approval to seek special care from a different doctor or place. Interviewers instructed respondents not to include emergency care. For all years, persons with single service plans (such as those which only paid for accidents) were not asked this question.

Please see HIP1MDSP (Plan 1: Special service doctor needs referral) for more information on collection and editing of private health insurance plan data.


This variable is completely comparable over time.


  • 1999-2003: Persons who provided an answer for HITYPE3 (persons with at least 3 private health insurance plans obtained from an employer or workplace, purchased directly, through a State or local government or community program, or have Medi-gap)


  • 1999-2003