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For persons who indicated they or someone in the family have a private insurance plan, HIP1TYPE indicates if the first plan mentioned was an HMO/IPA, or non-HMO (i.e., PPO, POS, or fee for service).

Information was collected on up to four plans; users may want to see related variables HIP2TYPE, HIP3TYPE, and HIP4TYPE. For 2004 forward, only data for plans one and two are publicly available. However, very few individuals have more than 2 private insurance plans. Persons with more than two plans have a "yes" response to the HIPRIVGT2 variable (available for 2004 forward).

Data Editing and Recoding
For 1997 forward, the NCHS edited responses as to what type of insurance coverage persons had based on plan names. The frequencies provided in HIP1TYPE reflect responses that have been verified though editing based on plan names. A full description of the editing process and the definition of private insurance is provided under the variable description for HIPRIVATEE.


To clarify, during the course of data editing, the NCHS discovered errors in the responses to questions about insurance coverage. This might be shown, for example, by a mismatch between the verbatim name of an insurance plan and the type of insurance coverage the person selected from the categories on the card. Relevant to HIP1TYPE, someone may have mistakenly reported having private insurance when in fact they in did not. These individuals are not included in the frequencies reported in HIP1TYPE.


This variable is mostly comparable over time, though the addition of the Fee-For-Service category in 2001 reduces comparability with earlier years. Those with such plans (who did not refuse to answer the question) may have been categorized as "Other" or "Don't know".

This variable is completely comparable for 2004 forward and comparable for 1997 to 2003. The reduction in the number of plans publicly available does not greatly reduce comparability as very few individuals have more than 2 private insurance plans. Persons with more than two plans have a "yes" response to HIPRIVGT2 (available for 2004 forward).


  • 1997-2013; 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018: Persons with at least one private health insurance plan.


  • 1997-2018