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Name of health insurance plan 2 (FFS or HMO)

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For persons in families with at least two private insurance plans, HINAME2 is a recoded variable that indicates whether the second plan mentioned was a fee-for-service (FFS, such as "Blue" plans) or was some type of managed care plan (e.g. health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider organizations (PPO), or point-of-service (POS) plans), or a fee-for-service plan (FFS), or a single service plan (for 1993-1996), or some other form of health insurance.

For more information on plan definitions, related variables, user recommendations, and the data collections process, please see HINAME1. Data on other insurance plans for the family are found on variables HINAME1 through HINAME4. Likewise, the complementary variables HI1PCOV through HI4PCOVindicate coverage status for the individual under each plan.


This variable is not entirely comparable over time. For 1993 to 1996, persons with private insurance, which included single service plans, were asked about the plan name. Only those with plans that paid for a variety of services were asked about whether the plan was an HMO. In 1992 and for 1997 forward, those with single service plans did not receive this question.

For 1997 forward, details of private plans also reflect back editing by the NCHS staff, who verified the accuracy of the reported type of insurance coverage (e.g., whether the plan reported by the family was private coverage).

Because these caveats limit comparability, users may wish to exercise caution when examining changes in type of plan for years prior to 1997 with 1997 forward.


  • 1992: Persons with two health insurance plan that pays for any part of a hospital or doctor bills (excluding Medicare or single service plans).
  • 1993: Persons in quarters 3 or 4 covered by two private health insurance plans, including single service plans.
  • 1994-1996: Persons covered by two private health insurance plans, including single service plans.
  • 1997: Persons with at least 2 health insurance plans from employer or workplace or purchased directly, or Medi-gap
  • 1998-2003; 2006-2007: Persons with at least 2 health insurance plans obtained through work, purchased directly, or through a State or local government or community program or Medigap


  • 1992-2003, 2006-2007