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5a. (Not counting Medicare) In (month) was anyone in the family covered by a health insurance plan that pays any part of hospital or doctor bills? Do NOT include plans that pay for ONLY ONE type of service, such as nursing home care or accidents.

1[] Yes (5b)
2[] No (8)
7[] Ref. (8)
9[] DK (8)

b. It's important that we have the complete and accurate name of your health insurance plan. What is the COMPLETE name of the plan?
Record in Table H.I. If "DK", probe: Do you have something with the plan name on it?

c. Is anyone in the family now covered by any other health insurance plan? Again, do not include plans that pay for only one service.

[] Yes (Reask 5b and c)
[] No (HI)
[] DK (HI)