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Source of home water supply

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H2OSOURCE reports whether the respondent's drinking water at home came from a public water system or from another system, like a well.

The Field Representative's Manual defined a public water system as, "A water system supplying water to over 15 households, which is managed by a city, county, or other municipal government. It also includes a spring or cistern serving more than 15 households." Further, it specifies that "Other source" included bottled water.

This variable was collected as part of a series of questions concerning knowledge about and use of fluoridated water that were introduced in the 1986 Dental Health Supplement. For related variables and more information about this supplement, please use the IPUMS NHIS search function and drop-down menus or see FLUORIDEWHY.


H2OSOURCE is only available for 1986.


  • 1986: All persons.


  • 1986