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Any adult family member need help with chores

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For all persons in families with members who are aged 18 years or more, FLIADLYN reports if any of the person's family members need the help of other persons in handling ROUTINE NEEDS, such as everyday household chores, doing necessary business, shopping, or getting around for other purposes because of a physical, mental, or emotional problem.


Other than changes to the universe, there are no comparability issues. Prior to 2005, emancipated minors could serve as the family respondent in the NHIS, but could not be selected as the sample adult or sample child. The universe for FLIADLYN is "all person" in 1997; this includes families comprised entirely of emancipated minors. In 1998-2004, households consisting exclusively of emancipated minors (and their children) are out of universe. Beginning in 2005, emancipated minors could no longer serve as the family respondent or the respondent for a sample child, even if they are parent to the child (in addition to being ineligible to be the sample adult or sample child). Because of this change, households comprised of only emancipated minors and their children are not included in the NHIS; the universe for FLIADLYN in these years is all persons.


  • 1997: All persons.
  • 1998-2004: All persons in families with members 18+ years.
  • 2005-2018: All persons.


  • 1997-2018