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Duration each time weight lifting, past 2 weeks: Minutes


EXLIFTMIN is a 3-digit-numeric variable.

0: Not in Universe
500: 500+ (in 1998 only)
995: 995+
996: Other entries
997: Unknown-refused
998: Unknown-not ascertained
999: Unknown-don't know


For sample adults who had participated in weight lifting in the past 2 weeks (EXLIFT), EXLIFTMIN reports the average number of minutes respondents had spent weight lifting each time they had engaged in that activity over the past 2 weeks.

After determining that a respondent participated in weight lifting, respondents were first asked, "How many times in the past 2 weeks did you weight lift?" (EXLIFTNO). They were then asked, "On the average, about how many minutes did you spend weight lifting each time?" EXLIFTMIN reports the answer to this last question.

Related Variables 

As a follow-up, respondents were asked how much their heart rate or breathing had increased while weight lifting (EXLIFTBR).


Apart from universe changes, EXLIFTMIN is fully comparable across all years.


  • 1985; 1990: Sample persons age 18-64 who lifted weights in the past 2 weeks.
  • 1991; 1998: Sample adults age 18+ who lifted weights in the past 2 weeks.
  • 1995: Half of sample persons age 18+ (excluded from AIDS supplement) who lifted weights in the past 2 weeks.


  • 1985, 1990-1991, 1995, 1998