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Times per week doctor told to exercise to increase muscle strength

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons in 1991 whose last routine check-up was less than 1 year ago (PHYSICALYRS) and whose doctor or other health professional recommended beginning or continuing doing stretching exercises (EXDMUS), EXDMUSWK reports the number of times per week the respondent was advised to do stretching exercises.

Related Exercise To Increase Muscle Strength Variables

Sample adults who were advised to do stretching exercises were also asked the recommended duration of each session of stretching exercises, as well as what method they were advised to use to check how hard they should exercise.


Responses to these follow-up questions can be found in the following variables:

  • EXDMUSMIN (minutes each session doctor told to do stretching exercises)

Other Related Physical Activity Variables

Sample adults were also asked whether they were advised by their doctor or other health professional to do other physical activities. Along with reporting stretching exercises, respondents could report being advised to do any of 8 other physical activities (including one residual "other" category). For more information on the variables related to these other activities, see EXDOCREC.


There are no comparability problems for EXDMUSWK.


  • 1991: Sample persons age 18+ whose last routine check-up was less than 1 year ago and whose doctor recommended beginning or continuing muscle strength exercises.


  • 1991