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For sample adults in 2007 who had used at least one special diet (see below) during the past 12 months, DITMOST reports which diet the respondent had used most often.

Sample adults indicated whether they had used any of the following diets for two weeks or more for health reasons during the past year:

Because respondents could report having used multiple diets during the past year, DITMOST identifies which of the 7 special diets the respondent had used most often. Interviewers were given the instruction, "If respondent cannot choose one special diet, probe for the one most important for health."

The diet identified in DITMOST is used to fill in question wording on many subsequent survey items. For example, DITWEIGHTCON asks, "Did you use the [fill: diet used most] diet for weight control or weight loss?"

For more information on the full range of variables related to special diets, including definitions, see DITATKINYR.


DITMOST is only available for 2007.


  • 2007: Sample adults age 18+ who have used at least one special diet during the past 12 months.


  • 2007