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For the next few questions, please think of the two week period during the past 12 months when you had the most complete loss of interest in things.
During that two week period, did the loss of interest usually last all day long, most of the day, about half the day, or less than half the day?
(1) All day long (ACN.530.250)
(2) Most of the day (ACN.530.250)
(3) About half of the day (ACN.530.250)
(4) Less than half of the day (ACN.530.410)
(7) Refused (ACN.530.410)
(9) Don't know (ACN.530.410)


During those two weeks, did you feel this way every day, almost every day, or less often?
(1) Every day (ACN.530.260)
(2) Almost every day (ACN.530.260)
(3) Less often (ACN.530.410)
(7) Refused (ACN.530.410)
(9) Don't know (ACN.530.410)