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Question ID:: CCD.045_00.000

Instrument Variable Name:: CVSLDGTP
For which problem(s)?
*Read if necessary: Was this for problems with {fill1: S.C. name}'s voice, swallowing, speech, or language?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
1 Voice problem
2 Swallowing problem
3 Speech problem
4 Language problem
7 Refused
9 Don't know
UniverseText: Sample children 3+ who have been given a diagnosis for their voice, swallowing, speech, or language problem
(1) [goto CVSLVDG]
(2) [goto CVSLSWDG]
(3) [goto CVSLSPDG]
(4) [goto CVSLLGDG]
(R,D) [if CVSLVYR=1 or CVSLSWYR=1 or CVSLSPYR=1 or CVSLLGYR=1 goto CVSLVAG, CVSLSWAG, CVSLSPAG, CVSLLGAG series; else goto next section]