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Ever been told had carpal tunnel syndrome

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults aged 18 years and over, CTSEV indicates if the person has ever been told by a doctor or other health professional that they have a condition affecting the wrist and hand called carpal tunnel syndrome.


The field representatives manual reports that questions on carpal tunnel syndrome were part of a set of "three health conditions and the possible connections between those conditions and the jobs held by sample adults." The other conditions reported were Asthma (such as a smoker's asthma, bronchial asthma, allergic asthma and Skin conditions (dermatitis, eczema, or any other red, inflamed skin rash).

The manual also goes onto say that "When collecting job and industry information, it is very important that you carefully enter the correct information about the name and type of business and the kind of work one is/was doing. This information will be filled in the text of several questions throughout the supplement."

Related Variables

Sample adults who acknowledged having carpal tunnel syndrome were asked a series of follow-up questions.


The variables associated with these questions include:

(CTSYR) Had carpal tunnel syndrome in past 12 months
(CTS1STAGE) Age first diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome
Whether the carpal tunnel syndrome was work related, and if so at which job. For a complete list of work related carpal tunnel syndrome variables see, (CTSWRKRETOLD) Told carpal tunnel syndrome work-related
(CTSEVMDTALK) ever discuss with a doctor or other health professional whether your carpal tunnel syndrome was probably caused by your work
(CTSWKCFILEV) Ever filed for workers' compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome
(CTSWKCGOTEV) Ever received workers' compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome
(CTSWLDAYR) Number of work loss days due to carpal tunnel syndrome in past 12 months
(CTSWKCHANYR) Changed work activities in past 12 months due to carpal tunnel syndrome


There are no comparability problems with CTSEV.


  • 2010; 2015: Sample adults age 18+.


  • 2010, 2015