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Current smoker: Time off cigs, last quit try: Recoded

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For sample adults ages 18 and older who have ever smoked at least 100 cigarettes, currently smoke every day and have ever stopped smoking for 1 day or more, CSOFFMO is a recoded variable that indicates the length of time, in months, that respondents actually stopped smoking cigarettes during their most recent attempt to quit.


There are no comparability issues with this variable.


  • 1990: Sample persons age 18+ who were not asked the smoking questions in the Pregnancy and Smoking section, who ever smoked 100 cigarettes, who smoke cigarettes now, or for whom it is unknown whether they smoke now, and who ever made a serious attempt to quit smoking.
  • 1991: Sample adults age 18+ who currently smoke every day and ever quit for one day or more.


  • 1990-1991