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4a. During the past 12 months, that is, since (12 month date) a year ago, did you work at any time at a job or business, not counting work around the house? (Include unpaid work in the family business or farm.)

1 [] Yes
2 [] No

Complete from entries in 4c-f. If not clear ask:
g. Were you --
An employee of private company, -business, or individual for wages, salary or commission? .... P
A member of the armed forces? .... AF
A federal government employee? .... F
A state government employee? .... S
A local government employee? .... L
Self-employed in own business, professional practice or farm?
Ask: Is the business incorporated?
Yes .... I
No .... SE
Working without pay in family business or farm? ....WP

Class of worker
1 [] P
2 [] AF
3 [] F
4 [] S
5 [] L
6 [] I
7 [] SE
8 [] WP