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Cigars per day smoked 12 months ago

Codes and Frequencies

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For respondents age 17 and over who currently smoke cigars, CIGARYRAGO indicates the number of cigars a day the respondent smoked 12 months ago. Respondents could answer the number of cigars, "3 to 6 per week, "Less than 3 per week," or "Did not smoke." The Field Representative's Manual noted that interviewers should ask respondents to estimate the number per day, if they responded with an interval such as "3 to 6 per week."


A cigar was respondent-defined. Note that in the 1970 survey, a respondent representing the family (a proxy) could answer the question associated with CIGARYRAGO for all other family members over age 17.


This variable is only available for 1970.


  • 1970: Persons age 17+ who currently smoke cigars.


  • 1970