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Length of time smoked cigars: Number of units

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults age 18 and over who have ever smoked at least 50 cigars in their entire life, CIGARNO reports the number of units corresponding to the length of time the respondent smoked cigars. Responses were categorized into "less than one month," or a numeric value for the number of months or years.


The Field Representative's Manual instructed interviewers to probe to determine the best approximate values. For example, if the respondent reported, "on and off for 20 years," interviewers would probe to determine the total number of years, excluding the off periods.

The term cigar was respondent-defined. The Field Representative's Manual for 1987 mentions that interviewers should, "Include "cigarillos" as cigars, if asked."

Related Variables

This variable should be used with CIGARTP, the time period in months or years that the respondent chewed tobacco.


This variable is only available for 1987.


  • 1987: Sample persons age 18+ who ever smoked cigars and have smoked at least 50 cigars in their life.


  • 1987