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Question ID: NAE.166_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: CHEW30D
On how many of the PAST 30 DAYS have you used chewing tobacco?
*Enter '0' for none.
*Enter '30' for all days in the month.
00 None
01-30 1-30 days
97 Refused
99 Don't know
UniverseText: Sample adults 18+ who use chewing tobacco some days or refused or don't know current chewing tobacco status
(0,R,D) if (01 LTE SNUFF30D LTE 30) or SNUFFCUR=1 [goto CHEWTYP]
elseif (AMDLONG IN ('1','2','7','9') or ADENLONG IN ('1','2','7','9')) and
((CIGCUR IN ('1','2') or SNUFFCUR IN ('1','2') or CHEWCUR IN ('1','2')) or
(SMKEV='1' and
(SMKNOW IN ('1','2') or (SMKNOW='3' and
((SMKQTNO(e) LE '95' and SMKQTTP(e)='1') or
(SMKQTNO(e) LE '52' and SMKQTTP(e)='2') or
(SMKQTNO(e) LE '12' and SMKQTTP(e)='3') or
(SMKQTNO(e) LE '01' and SMKQTTP(e)='4')))))) [goto MDTOB2]
else [goto LIVINTRO];
(1-30) [goto CHEWTYP]