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Things increasing mouth cancer risk: Drinking alcohol

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons age 18 and over, this variable reports if the person thought drinking alcohol increased one's risk of oral cancer. For 1992, persons were asked only to report yes or no regarding an increased the risk while in 1990, persons could respond in categories of: probably increases, definitely increases, probably does not increase or definitely does not increase. For both years, persons could also report they don't know.

CANMOALC was introduced as part of the 1990 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention supplement and the 1992 cancer supplement. For related variables and more information, please use the IPUMS NHIS search function and drop-down menus.


Apart from changes in response categories, in 1992, persons were told that oral cancer was "lip, mouth, tongue, or throat" cancer. In 1990, persons were asked about mouth or lip cancer. Changes in the response categories and the description of oral cancer reduces comparability.


  • 1990: Sample persons age 18+.
  • 1992: Half of sample persons age 18+ in quarters 1 and 2 and in 2 weeks of quarter 3 (excluded from CAEP supplement).


  • 1990, 1992