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Birth weight in grams (including imputed cases): Recode 1

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons under age 18, whose biological mother or father is the respondent, BWGTGRIMPR1 is a recoded variable that reports the person's total birth weight, including any imputed cases, in various pre-specified categories of grams. Please see the Codes tab for detailed information on the categories provided.

This variable is part of the 1981 and 1988 Child Health Supplement. Please use the IPUMS NHIS drop-down menus and search function to find other variables related to this supplement.


The 1981 and 1988 Child Health Supplement collected information about children 17 years of age and younger on a wide range of topics, including: family structure, child care, breastfeeding, development, medications, birth and prenatal events, hospitalizations and surgery, chronic conditions, weight, school, behavior problems, social issues, and sleep habits. All questions were asked of the adult best able to provide accurate information about the child. The preferred respondents for this supplement, in order of priority, are: biological mother, biological father, an adoptive, step, or foster parent, a legal guardian, a primary caretaker, or another adult.


The response categories provided differ slightly between 1981 and 1988. In 1981, the lowest birth weight category was 2,500 grams or less. In 1988, the lowest birth weight category provided was 1,500 grams or less. In addition, in 1988, an additional category, 1,501 - 2,500 grams was available.


  • 1981; 1988: Sample persons under age 18.


  • 1981, 1988