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For sample children under 6 (but over 6 months in 1991), BOTFEDEV reports answers to the question, "Has [child] ever been fed with a bottle? Do not include bottles with plain water."

For sample children age 2 to 5 with an affirmative response in BOTFEDEV, respondents were asked whether the child still used a bottle (excluding bottles with plain water) (BOTFEDNOW).

For sample children age 2 to 5 with an affirmative response in BOTFEDNOW (those still bottle-fed), respondents were asked, "During the past 2 weeks, on how many days was [child] put to bed with a bottle at bedtime or naptime? Do not include bottles with plain water." (BOTFEDAY). In 1998, children under 2 with an affirmative response in BOTFEDEV (those ever bottle-fed) were also asked the question for (BOTFEDAY while in 1991, children age 6 months to 1 year who ever used a bottle were also asked this question.

In 1991, questions on bottle-feeding were part of the sample child questionnaire. In 1998, this series of questions began the section of the sample child Preventive Health Module related to "dental health in children." According to the 1998 Field Representative's Manual, for young children past infancy, this information could be used to assess "the effect of bottle feeding practices on dental development." Moreover, "In 1998, the bottle feeding questions are asked of all children under 6 to give a broader base of information."


Changes in the universe limit comparability of this variable over time.


  • 1991: Sample persons aged 6 months to age 5.
  • 1998: Sample children under age 6.


  • 1991, 1998