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Had live birth in past 5 years

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For female persons aged 18 to 44 in 1985 and 1990, female persons aged 18 to 49 in 1991 and 1998, and female sample persons aged 18 to 49 in 2005 and forward, BIRTH5YR reports if the sample person has given birth to a live born infant within the past 5 years.


There were changes in the survey design and the question wording that may affect the comparability of this variable over years. Prior to the survey in 2005, this question was looped through all female family members aged 18-44 or 18-49, depending on the survey years, to identify all women who had had given birth within the last 5 years. For 2005 and forward, this question was only asked of the sample adult if this person is female and aged 18 to 49. Please refer to the code tab to see differences in the frequency before and after changes in the question and the survey design took place.


  • 1985; 1990: Female persons age 18-44.
  • 1991: Female persons age 18-49.
  • 1998: Females age 18-49.
  • 2005; 2010; 2015: Female sample adults age 18-49.


  • 1985, 1990-1991, 1998, 2005, 2010, 2015