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Instrument Variable Name: BCONTROL
Question Text:
(book) CAN15
Have you EVER used any of the following birth control methods?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
0 None
1 Oral Contraception (birth control pills)
2 Patch
3 Ring
4 Injection
5 IUD (Intrauterine Device)
6 Implant
7 Refused
9 Don't know
Card CAN15
You may choose more than one.

1. Oral Contraception (birth control pills)
2. Patch
3. Ring
4. Injection
5. IUD (Intrauterine Device)
6. Implant
Universe Text: Female sample adults 18+
Skip Instructions:
(1-6) [goto BCNO] (0,R,D) if LIVEBTH=1 store '1' in BIRTHEV [goto BIRTHNUM]; else [goto BIRTHEV]