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Main reason for last HIV test

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For sample persons ages 18 and over who have been tested for HIV in the last 12 months, ATRLMAIN reports the main reason for the person's last HIV test. Respondents were asked not to include blood donations. Please see the Comparability tab for a discussion of changes in response categories.


There is a break in response categories offered between 2000 and 2001-forward that may affect comparability. The 2000 categories of "part of a routine medical check-up" and "medical procedures/hospitalization" were combined into a single category beginning in 2001. After 2000, the categories "It was required" and "Work/employment" were no longer included. From 2001-forward this variable is completely comparable.


  • 2000-2010: Sample adults age 18+ who have been tested for HIV.


  • 2000-2009