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Had abdominal pain, past 12 months

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample children under age 18, ABPAINYR reports responses to the question, "During the past 12 months, has [sample child] had ... Abdominal pain?"

Related Variables 

Two additional variables first introduced in 2007 addressed other types of pain for sample children: BACKPAINYR (for "back or neck pain") and OTHPAINYR (for "other chronic pain") during the past 12 months.

Five variables included in 1997 forward identify sample adults with specific types of pain that "lasted a whole day or more" and did not simply consist of "aches and pains that are fleeting or minor." Specifically, these variables identify sample adults who, in the past 3 months, experienced neck pain (NECKPAIN3MO), low back pain (LBPAIN3MO), low back pain which "spread down either leg to areas below the knees" (LEGPAIN3MO), facial ache or pain in jaw muscles or joint in front of the ear (FACEPAIN3MO), or severe headache or migraine (MIGRAIN3MO).

In 2002, sample adults were asked if they had recurring pain (of an unspecified type) during the past 12 months (PAINYR).


This variable is only available in 2007.


  • 2007: Sample children under age 18.


  • 2007